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Civilization IV: Reference
By Ginger_Ale at 2008-04-05 11:03


General Reference
Civilization IV Keyboard & Mouse Shortcuts

All the keyboard and mouse shortcuts for Civilization IV. These shortcuts tables are based on the comprehenstive Civ4 Reference Charts created by kroym.

Date: January 20, 2006

Civ IV Reference Charts

Very comprehensive Civ4 reference charts in Excel format. Charts included: Hotkeys,
Civilization Characteristics,
Terrain and Resources Yields,
Resource Yield by Improvement,
Technology Advances,
Technology, Flow Chart & Reference,
City Buildings,
Unit Promotions,
Unit Promotions Flow Chart, and
Unit Upgrade Cost Chart.

Author: KroYM, Michelangelo, Jensen;

Civilization IV Leader Picker Updated!

This Leader Picker utility is in HTML format and will list leaders with their related civ, trait, tech, and UU information by trait and/or tech selection.

"Want a quick list of all the industrious leaders? Want a quick list of all the leaders that start with mining? Want a (short and) quick list of the leaders that have industrious AND mining?

This utility provides it."

Zhahz (Paul W. Nettle), shawnosaurus, and _alphaBeta_; Date: November 13, 2005

Civilization IV Map Scripts Guide

This informative map scripts guide is written by Bob "Sirian" Thomas, who programmed most of Civilization IV's map scripts. Everything you want to know about the official Civ4 map scripts, you can find here.

"To assist those who are curious about the maps, I compiled a reference guide, which includes both the technical specs (text) and thumbnail visuals of real instances of the maps (screenshots). If you are curious about what to expect from a given map or any of its custom options, look no further! "

Author: Bob Thomas (aka Sirian); Format: Online HTML & ZIP

Creation & Customization Reference

Getting your units in Civilization IV:
A guide for anyone with Max and determination


This documentation is about unit model creation in Civilization IV and is written by Firaxis.

In addition to this doc, you should also download the Civ4 plugin for 3dsmax and the example files from this forum thread.

Author: Firaxis; File Size: 881 KB; Format: PDF/DOC

Civilization IV World Builder Manual

A very nicely formatted guide in PDF format about modding in Civilization IV. Topics include Scenario Design and Concepts, WorldBuilder Manual, and Advanced WorldBuilderSave Editing.

Author: Dale Kent; File Size: 6.89 MB; Format: Zip/PDF

In Depth Look at the WBS File

Detailed look at the Civ4 WBS file format.

Author: Dale Kent; Format: Forum Thread

See the Tutorials, Reference, & Guides forum inside our Civ4 Creation & Customization forum for more Reference files.


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