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Commonly Used Acronyms in the Civ Community
By bwburke94 at 2007-01-21 23:33
This page contains a list of commonly used acronyms in the Civ community and the net in general. It should help you understand the articles and forum posts better.

Civ Acronyms

AH - Animal Husbandry (technology)
AI - Artificial Intelligence, computer player
AP - Apostolic Palace
AW - Always War
Barbs - Barbarians
Beeline - Going directly towards a technology ignoring others
BFC - Big Fat Cross (a city's workable tiles)
BPT - Beakers Per Turn
BW - Bronze Working (technology)
Civ - Civilization
CE - Cottage Economy
CoL - Code of Laws
CPT - Culture per Turn
CS - Caste System OR Civil Service OR City-State
DoF - Declaration of Friendship
DoI - Declaration of Independence
DoW - Declaration of War
DG - Democracy Game
EE - Espionage Economy
FE - Food Economy
FF - Founding Father
Flip - Cultural conversion
FP - Forbidden Palace OR Flood plain
GA - Golden Age OR Great Artist
GE - Great Engineer
GL - Great Leader OR Great Library
GLH - Great Lighthouse
GG - Great General
GM - Great Merchant
GOTM - Game of the Month
GOTW - Game of the Week
gov - Government
GPT - Gold per Turn
GP - Great People
GP Farm - Specialized city intended to generate Great People as quickly as possible.
GPP - Great People Point
GPpT - Great People Point per Turn
GS - Great Scientist
HBR - Horse Back Riding (technology)
HOF - Hall of Fame
HP - Hit Point
HR - Hereditary Rule
HRE - Holy Roman Empire
ICS - Infinite City Sprawl
IW - Iron Working (technology)
LB - Liberty Bell
LSM - Longswordsman
Lux - Luxury resource
MA - Modern Armor
Mace, MDI - Medieval Infantry
MGL - Military Great Leader
MI - Mechanized Infantry
Milking - The tedious art of score maximization
MoM - Mausoleum of Maussollos
MOW - Mounted Oscillating War/Man-o-War
MP - Multiplayer/Military Police/Mass Production
MPP - Mutual Protection Pact
MTDG - Multi-Team Democracy Game
NES - Never Ending Story
NOW - Non-oscillating war
NOT - No Optional Techs
OB - Open Borders
OCC - One City Challenge
*CC = * City challenge, where * is a number
OCP - Optimal City Placement
pop - Population
poprush - rushing a project by killing citizens
Rep hit = Reputation hit
RCP - Ring City Placement
REF - Royal Expeditionary Force
REX - Rapid Early eXpansion
RL - Real life (as opposed to Civ life)
RNG - Random Number Generator
ROP - Right of Passage
ROP Rape - Using a Right of Passage agreement to sneak attack your enemy.
SE - Specialist Economy
SG - Succession Game
SGL - Scientific Great Leader
SHOF - Scenario Hall of Fame
SOD - Stack of Doom
SOL - Statue of Liberty or Ship of the Line
SoZ - Statue of Zeus
SPT - Shields per turn
SS - Space Ship
SW - Small Wonder
TE - Trade Economy
ToE - Theory of Evolution
ToG - Theory of Gravity
TSL - True Start Locations
UB - Unique Building, Civ-specific building
UU - Unique Units, Civ-Specific Units
Vanilla version - Refers to the plain version of the game, w/o expansion packs.
VP - Victory Point
VPL - Victory Point Location
WE - Wonder Economy
Whipping - Rush build using city population
WLTKD - We love the king day
WoW - Wonder of the World
WW - War Weariness
ZOC - Zone of Control

Game Title Abbreviations

Col - Colonization (either the 1994 or 2008 version)
CivRev - Civilization Revolution
BTS - Civ4: Beyond the Sword (the second Civ4 expansion)
PTW - Civ3: Play the World expansion pack (the first Civ3 expansion)
C3C - Civ3: Conquests expansion pack (the second Civ3 expansion, also includes all of PTW)
CIC - Civ2 Conflicts in Civilization expansion
CIV - Civilization IV (note: "Civ" in title-case refers to the entire series)
C4W - Civ4: Warlords (the first Civ4 expansion)
FW - Civ2 Fantastic Worlds expansion
MGE - Civ2 Multiplayer Gold Edition
UCC - Ultimate Classic Collection, European version of Civ2 MGE
CTP - Activision's Call to Power
MOO - Master of Orion
RON - Rise of Nations
TOT - Civ2 Test of Time
SMAC - Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
SMAX - Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire

ISDG Jargon

CFC - Civilization Fanatics Center
CDZ - Civilization Dual Zone
CGN - Civilization Gaming Network
C3B - Civ3Brasil
PAL - People's Army of the Lader
GWT - German Webring Team
APO/'poly= Apolyton
CDG - Creative Design Group
GCA - Gamecatcher Alliance
CoIA - Counsel of Internal Affairs
CoMA - Counsel of Military Affairs
CoFA - Counsel of Foreign Affairs
JotC - Justice of the Court
MSDG - Multi-Site Democracy Game (Generally used to describe the PTW one)
ISDG - Intersite Democracy Game (Generally used to describe the C3C one)

General Internet Acronyms

AFAIC - As far as I'm concerned
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
AFK - Away From Keyboard
AKA - Also Known As
ASAP - As Soon As Possible
BBL - Be Back Later
BRB - Be Right Back
BTW - By The Way
FAQ - Frequently Asked Question
IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
IRC - Internet Relay Chat
IMHO, IMO - In My (Humble) Opinion
J/K - Just Kidding
LOL - Laughing Out Loud
NG - Newsgroup
OTOH - On The Other Hand
PBEM - Play By E-Mail (form of multiplayer gaming)
POV - Point Of View
RTFM - Read The [Flamin'] Manual!
ROTFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing
LMAO - Laughing My Arse Off
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary
TTFN - Ta ta For Now
TTYL - Talk To You Later
WYSIWYG - What You See IS What You Get

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