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Civilization IV: Projects
By Queebada at 2007-01-25 00:42

Civilization IV has 41 World Wonders (including the seven religious shrines) and 14 National Wonders. Like in Civ3, World Wonders may be built by only one civilization and National Wonders (also known as small wonders) may be built by every civilization. The effects of small wonders are usually more city-specific and you can build at most two small wonders per city. There is no restriction on the number of World Wonders you can build in a city. Each time you finish building a World Wonder, there is a short movie clip showing the wonder being built.

Civilization IV also introduced a new class of buildings called Projects. A few examples are the Apollo Program and The Internet. The main difference between projects and wonders is that projects cannot be rushed in any way, while wonders can be rushed (by forest chopping, gold, etc). Projects are classified into World Projects and Team Projects.

Projects (4):

Note: The spaceship parts combined are counted as one project here. Information assumes normal game speed and is correct as of Beyond the Sword, version 3.13.

Graphic Project Cost Requires Effects
Apollo Program Apollo Program
(Team Project)
(Double Production Speed w/ Aluminium)

Required to build spaceship parts.
Space Race Victory must be enabled.

The Internet The Internet
(World Project)
(Double Production Speed w/ Copper)

Grants all technologies held by at least 2 known civilizations

The Manhattan Project The Manhattan Project
(World Project)
(Double Production Speed w/ Uranium)

Enables nukes & bomb shelters for all players

(Team Project)
(Double Production Speed w/ Aluminium)

75% chance of intercepting nukes.

The Manhattan Project must have been built.

Spaceship Parts:
Casing Casing
(Team Project)
(Double Production Speed w/ Aluminium)
Apollo Program and Composites Space race victory (1-5 required)
Cockpit Cockpit
(Team Project)
(Double Production Speed w/ Copper)
Apollo Program and Fiber Optics Space race victory (1 required)
Docking Bay Docking Bay
(Team Project)
(Double Production Speed w/ Aluminium)
Apollo Program and Satellites Space race victory (1 required)
Engine Engine
(Team Project)
1600 Apollo Program and Fusion Space race victory (1-2 required)
Life Support Life Support
(Team Project)
(Double Production Speed w/ Copper)
Apollo Program and Ecology Space race victory (1 required)
Stasis Chamber Stasis Chamber
(Team Project)
1200 Apollo Program and Genetics Space race victory (1 required)
Thrusters Thrusters
(Team Project)
(Double Production Speed w/ Aluminium)
Apollo Program and Superconductors Space race victory (1-5 required)


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